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My name is Xing Quan. I'm a highly curious individual with interests in technology, classical music, and basketball. I'm currently a product manager at Google, working on YouTube Data. Before that, I was a product manager with Qubole, a big data as a service provider, and AWS on the Amazon S3 team. I have also worked in the management consulting, financial services, and semiconductor chip design industries. I have an MBA from Chicago Booth and a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

My goal for this site is to create a central place for storing my random thoughts. Basically, this is an online diary for me. In addition, I wanted a technical project slightly outside of my comfort zone. This site is hosted on Amazon S3 using Amazon Route 53 as the DNS provider and Jekyll as a CMS that provides static site generation. It's a hackerish solution but I'm ok with it.

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