August 06 2014

I need to share the details of my 21 game last night. It is the greatest game of 21 I will ever play.

I was playing with two other guys. Both of them were 6 feet tall, and one of them was so athletic that he could basically get a layup anytime he wanted. He killed us in the next game and won. But I’m only interested in the first game.

I started by getting to 13 points before missing. It only took around 3 minutes. We played the normal rules where you get three free shots and if you make them all, you get to keep the ball. The free shots were from the top of the arc at the high school three point line. That means I hit 10 shots in a row (including 7 three pointers) before missing.

I ended the game on a lefty scoop shot in the painted area from about 7 feet away. I felt like 2005 Steve Nash.

That is all :-).

Topics: Basketball

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