Cross-Region Replication Demo at the San Francisco AWS Summit

April 22 2015

I recently launched Cross-Region Replication for Amazon S3. This was a challenging and complex project for S3. I started working on it in early January 2014, and we finally launched on March 24th, 2015.

As part of the AWS Summit in San Francisco on April 9th, I was able to give a little demo of the feature to the audience of the Storage Services Intro session. Guy Farber, a Business Development Manager for AWS, led the session. The demo consisted of two parts: I first showed how to configure the feature in the AWS Management Console, and then I showed a simple web app that demonstrates in real time the replication latency with uploaded pictures. The demo also marked one of the first public appearances of my daughter, as her pictures were prominently involved.

The console portion was actually pretty nerve wracking. I had already loaded the console before the session started, and my demo came about 20 minutes in. When I walked up to the laptop and started speaking, I noticed that the console had errored out for some reason, so I had to reload the page. You can definitely see me flustered a little by this.

The web app is pretty cool, and was created by an engineer on S3, Jonathan Nadal. He wrote a pretty simple html app that allows uploads into two different buckets. Those buckets are both configured with S3’s cross-region replication to replicate into a third bucket. His app polls every half second and shows the contents of the buckets as thumbnails. I was able to show off a picture of my daughter this way.

Here’s the video of the presentation (and a link). The demo starts at 19:30.

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