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December 12 2013

I got two nice emails from Pocket today. The first was a list of top articles read by their customers in 2013. The #2 story on that list, “The Vitamin Myth”, is still an unread item in my Pocket list. This was a nice list, and it gave me a few nice articles to read. The second email, however, provided the real excitement. I am one of Pocket’s top 1% readers!

I love when products engage their customers in these types of ways. It’s a small part gamification, but more importantly it’s reinforcement for power users, usually the most vocal customers. LinkedIn did something similar last year. It’s a great ad for a product, and it brings a small level of competition for those customers interested in being “the 1%” for next year.

In the above image, there’s a link for more stats. I was ultimately a little disappointed by where this took me.

I got a page that showed me exactly how many words I “read” (I don’t know if that is the number words in articles I “pocketed” or in articles I “archived”) and tried to put that count into context.

As I’ve discussed in this blog before, I truly love Pocket as an app. It IS the way I read articles now. I used to be a heavy RSS reader, before I realized that I was only truly interested in a small percentage of articles in my feed. Now, I can browse my feed, and if an article looks even remotely interesting, I pocket it to read on the bus or before bedtime. It also lets me save links easily through other mediums, such as Twitter.

Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that I would be one of Pocket’s power users. I continue to be excited to see what they have next.

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