Top 1% Percent Reader Episode V - The Pocket Strikes Back

December 08 2017

Once again, I’m one of Pocket’s top 1 percent readers. I write this post literally every year (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016).

In 2017, I read 1,422,807 words, a slight decrease of 15% from last year’s 1,674,981 words. I think part of the reason for the continued downcrease is I’ve started doing more book reading, and I bet if my Kindle provided usage stats, it would show an uptick for 2017.

New this year is a real-life sticker that Pocket offered for its 1 percent readers. I got my sticker and display it proudly on my work laptop!

And for my efforts, I got a nice, considerate note from @pocketsupport telling me I might be the first to tweet out a public picture.

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